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DGIN5PZLFGIn the case when many LEI and DECS activities start at exactly the same time, there can be contention for Notes id access, generating "Error: ID is...
MGIY5RAP6HError "Invalid numeric values" received on the iSeries platform for LOCALEs that use ',' for the decimal delimiter. This happens when attempting to...
SMOS5SQKSBFixed a crash in "HTIndexNavigate" during LEI replication Notes to Notes.
YSHA5MB4EAFixed a problem where the LEI console window appeared and then quickly disappeared after being installed to Notes.
TDEY5R9KT4Fixed a problem where Virtual documents would not come into view if EINOTEPROPS was set to "varchar" for bit data or varchar.
WVHM5QMLDULEI/DECS does not recognize fields on a subform included on another subform. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.1.
AGUD5RVNAZLong (>256 characters) database error messages were truncated in the log. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.4 and 6.5.2.
BHAM5T3RQFScripted activity dependents run even if the activity fails. This regression was introduced in 6.0 and has been fixed in 6.0.4 and...
JFEA5VKSL9Fix for when multiple LEI Advanced Realtime activities start up at the same time in the same Domino database. Now they will all correctly start...
MGIY5SRJTSFixed a "Panic: Lookup handle out of range" failure on the iSeries platform, or an "Out of private handles" error on the W32 platform. These errors...
KKOO5VWDU6The transfer limitation for double-byte data in a Graphic field has been removed.
MKOL5W5TRG In a Virtual Fields activity, error logging was not consistent. When set to ignore errors or to handle errors on post open formulas, errors were not...
SMOS5TTQWZLEI had a memory leak with Domino database handles. LEI now properly closes all database handles.
MKOL5VNUA5When using LSXODBC and LSXLC in the same agent or LSXODBC combined with a Virtual Field activity, the initialization of the DB2 connector may fail. ...
SBOR5R8K62Notes connection with computed subforms can't be used as the target of activity. This regression was introduced in 6.0 and fixed in 6.0.4 and...
TDEY5WNQ7PIn order for the LEI 652 to install on Domino 604 when Domino 652 is installed on the same system, a temporary file was created during the install. ...
BHAM5SZMMDLEI Replication had excessive inserts and deletions, even when no data had changed. This SPR was caused by another fix that was backed out and was a...


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